Updated: 19th March 2009

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Want complete control over your dating site? Then maybe Dating Software is the choice for you.
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If you want to have complete control over your dating website then Dating Software is the choice for you. However if you go down the dating software route you will have to purchase the dating software to begin with; where as the white label dating options like world dating partners, dating central and diy dating they are all free. Their are advantges and disadvantages of using dating software over a whitelabeldating solution.


I personally recommend vldPersonals Dating Software. In my opinion vld personals is the nicest dating software on the market at the moment and if i was to choose a dating software solution then this is the one i would choose. It has some great features and the website created by the software looks very professional which is very important when trying to attract single women and men. Click here vldPersonals to go to their website and see their demo. Their dating software is very cheap at $99 compared to other dating software providers charging very high prices. When i get time ill write a full review of vldPersonals. A quick summary of vld Personals features include: blogs, chat, rating system and much more... They are also offering free hosting for 6 months.

Dating Software


Advantages of dating software:

  • You have complete control over your dating website. You can decide which members join and which members don't.
  • If you make your dating software a pay site then when a member upgrades to become a full member of your dating site you will recieve 100% of the sale where as with the white label dating providers you will recieve a percentage usually around 50% or higher.
  • You own the database of members who signup through your dating site.
  • You can make your dating site for any niche. Maybe you want to create a jewish dating site, muslim, gay, lesbian or whatever other niche dating market you would like to target. However the whitelabel dating providers like WorldDatingPartners also allow you to choose from a certain niche but you are slightly restricted as you can only choose from the niches they have. Dating Central and DiyDating have the most niche networks to choose from followed by world dating partners.

Disadvantages of dating software:

  • You will have to look after the admin side of things approving members, payments, dealing with customer support etc. You will spend alot of time doing this.
  • After you purchase your dating software their will be no members in your database. It is often hard to get members to join if no members exist already. If you go down this route it would be a good idea to ask friends to signup and then when visitors come to your site they can see a few members have already joined your dating website and you will have more chance of them registering at your dating site. That is the main advantage whitelabeldating has over dating software as with a whitelabeldating solution like World Dating Partners the database will already have members as your dating website will share a database with thousands of other singles who have already registered through other whitelabel dating sites which other dating affiliates own.

When would you use dating software over a whitelabel dating provider? Their are a number of reasons. Some of which include:

  • You could make your dating site a free dating site and then make money by advertising on your website. Usually it is alot easier to get members if your dating site is free.
  • Maybe you already have a popular website and you know it will not be difficult for you to get members to join your dating site to begin with.

Maybe it would be a good idea for you to try both options. Try the dating software route and also register for free with some or all of the white label dating providers. I guess that is the only way you will truly know which you prefer.


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